Catering equipment rental and a useful catering app

You need no classic catering services but simply the rental of equipment and fittings, or an app that makes your life easier?


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SERVITO.CH - Noleggio attrezzature per catering
SERVITO.CH - Noleggio attrezzature per catering

Catering equipment rental

Want to hold a private event without involving a catering company? If you are passionate about cooking or simply want to organise your event, even for a simple barbecue, will provide you with everything you need and will help you in the planning and realisation of your event giving you ideas and useful tips.

From the grill for cooking meat and vegetables to the porcelain plates and cutlery, from the pots and pans to the stove, from the tables with tablecloths to artists and entertainment of all kinds.

You can't cook? No problem, we also have apprentice chef trainers in-house.

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CLICK4LUNCH - Ordina il pranzo in ufficio con un’App
CLICK4LUNCH - Ordina il pranzo in ufficio con un’App

Order lunch at your office with an app

We designed an app that allows you to plan your supply and simplify your business meal management. By downloading the app, employees will be able to:

  • view the menu from the comfort of their own home
  • indicate their food intolerances
  • plan their diet thanks to the nutritional tables that describe ingredients and values
  • choose in advance what they will eat


Gastroreg allows you to monitor the inputs inside your restaurant, bar or public place.
Our application ensures the privacy of the person. The data collected are automatically deleted in accordance with the regulations imposed by the federal government to limit the spread of the pandemic.



Gastroclick makes the use of paper menus obsolete.
With a simple scan of the QR code your customers will have access to the daily or a la carte menu.
Simple, intuitive and just a click away.