The menu and some inspiration

The secret to a perfect menu lies in the quality of the products used and the love with which they are prepared.

All our dishes are made with the utmost attention to detail
and that little bit of creativity that makes them unique.

5 things to know about our dishes and products

Start with the concept, not the menu

Whatever occasion you want to celebrate - whether it's a private event, a wedding or a corporate dinner - just tell us your idea, we'll take care of the rest. Behind every event there is a dream, a vision, a need, a goal; tell us yours and we will be happy to suggest the right combination of dishes, set-up, entertainment,... space for creativity!

catering di 8 portate


We take you from East to West, making your mind and palate travel from aperitif to dessert.

Cena con delitto


We'll entertain you by catering with entertainment.
Who's gonna catch the killer?

Cena bendata


Let yourself be carried away by the flavours selected by our chef, make a judgement and note down which ingredients prevail. Whoever guesses best will be declared king or queen of taste.

Show cooking

Show cooking

The kitchen must satisfy the palate, but the eye also wants its part. Some of our dishes are prepared on sight and some of them turn into a real show, with special effects that will make the guests curious and amused.

Cena Team Building

Team building

Team building is used to stimulate or reward the working group with the aim of stimulating creativity and teamwork. Give your team a sparkling, out-of-the-box experience. Our proposals are adaptable for each team - ask and you will be satisfied.

Proposta del Cliente


Tell us your wish and we will be happy to fulfil it

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